ANTOMUS® Is the registered trade mark of the company Worldwide Technology and Development. It was created from my first name Anthony and my fathers middle name Thomas pronounced AN-TOM-MUS Our sponsors mark registered with the UK assay offices is ACE (Antomus chain engineering) 

We have for nearly forty years been a highly praised volume supplier to major UK jewellery groups and wholesalers, supplying them with the highest quality items superbly finished and manufactured here in the UK. This has been achieved with the aid of highly skilled craftsmen working with the most modern equipment, along with specialist techniques developed and applied during our worldwide working experiences.
All our products made from sterling silver are alloyed under our own meticulous control to ensure the highest possible purity and quality. This is independently confirmed by UK assay Hallmarking.
Our attention to detail extends throughout the whole manufacturing process, at each stage of production the material is scrutinised and only after being found to be exactly as specified in size, temper and ductility required for the next stage of operation, is the next stage of manufacture undertaken .
We have long expressed our commitment to quality workmanship by the reasoning that the items we make will possibly be purchased by someone to offer to their loved one, as a reflection of their love or admiration for that person, this being so, we attempt to ensure our item and workmanship is worthy of such.
Now, with the event of Internet direct shopping, we are proud to be able to offer items from our production to you directly and from the convenience of you desktop or armchair. All of our selected items are of the same highest standard as those purchasable from the most prestigious High Street Jewellers, that we are the manufacturer, allows us to present them to you at a price significantly lower than the High Street prices -- or those offered by importers of overseas made chains.